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The CA visited us in December 2011 in snowy conditions & made a short



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Some great hunting stories in the Mardale Hunt Book ---

There had been a shepherd’s meeting at the top of High Street, and such meetings were invariably accompanied by sports and hunts. During the particular hunt in question a man named Dixon fell from Blea Water Crag, about 300 feet high, and miraculously broke no bones, although terribly bruised, for he struck several times against the rock and so checked his fall. When he came to the ground he scrambled on to his knees, cried out “Lads, t’fox is gane out at hee end; lig t’ dogs on and I’ll come syn” and then fell down insensible.


50 copies of the 2nd Edition are now available

£17.00 inc post and packing

Available from:

Henry Roberts 01539 720524 or

Fred Holdsworth 015394 433388 or

Ron Black [author]:




the Case for Hunting here


the Case for Repeal here


An Introduction to Fox Hunting

If you would like any of the above booklets in hard-copy format please get in touch with Henrietta on















































It is now 40 years since Barry joined The Blencathra , with the last 25 as our Huntsman.



I believe that Barry has served The Blencathra with loyalty and professionalism during this time.



It is fitting and appropriate that we have opened a testimonial fund for Barry , which will run through until the end of April 2014.



I would like to think that you feel that Barry has earned this recognition during this period which has included:- a near fatal accident whilst on a lamb worrying call out , picking up the baton from the legendary Johnny Richardson – a tough act to follow ( just ask David Moyes !) and finally the pressures brought about since the implementation of The Hunting Act.


If you would like to make a donation please forward your cheque marked “Blencathra Foxhounds (BT Fund)” to our Treasurer Mr Alan Graham, 17, Brandlehow Crescent,Keswick,CA12 4JE.

Barry has committed his life to fell hunting and your support in recognising this tremendous achievement will be really appreciated and the attached article [click on picture above or here] which appeared recently in Hounds Magazine will give you a flavour of Barry Todhunter the man and our Huntsman.

Thank you.

       Michael Thompson


Countryside Alliance Director of Campaigns Tim Bonner writes: In the last two or three years anti-hunting groups have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on 'investigating' the activity of hunts. They have employed a strange mixture of retired police officers, hunt sabs and private investigators who stalk the countryside with sophisticated surveillance equipment. The sole aim of all this activity is a desperate attempt to prop up the failed and discredited Hunting Act by bringing prosecutions against hunts.


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Charlie Pye-Smith is the author of "Rural Rites: hunting and the politics of prejudice". The book provides detailed analysis of the history of the 2004 Hunting Act, the issues underlying it and the situation created by its enactment. "This book has an application which goes so much further than hunting and animal welfare. It shows us the ease with which bad law can be made, how simple it is to spin the facts, and how readily the rights of minorities can be obliterated". Published by the All Party Parliamentary Middle Way Group. Charlie is the author of over a dozen books, click on the book cover [left] to visit his website and download /read the book as a pdf.


This is an excerpt from the foreword by Peter Oborne Political Editor of The Spectator:-


'On February 18th 2005 it suddenly became much more dangerous to be a fox, a hare or a deer, the three species most affected by the ban on hunting with dogs. Their chances of living a long, comfortable life were sharply reduced. Their prospects of suffering a long,lingering death through snaring, poisoning or wounding were very much increased. Thousands of hares, for example, were shot by farmers during the months immediately after the Hunting Act became law. They had been tolerated as a pest on account of coursing,but there is now no incentive for hard-pressed farmers to keep a healthy hare population alive in their fields. Some farmers would hold back from using pesticides in order to sustain their hare population, and have now taken up the practice once again.

No huntsman, no matter how relentless or bloodthirsty, has ever done a fraction as much damage to the cause of small, furry mammals as the Labour MPs Gerald Kaufman and his friend the late Tony Banks,who memorably ended his days as Lord Stratford. The paradox is that Kaufman, Banks and their anti-hunting allies claimed to be concerned about animal welfare. Their Hunting Act is a dramatic example of the law of unintended consequences. Rather as George Bush’s ‘war on terror’ has provided a marvellous boost for Al Q’aeda,enabling it to flourish and gain converts in places where previously it did not even exist, so the Hunting Act has proved catastrophic for the interests of the very creatures it was designed to protect.



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"hunting is fundamental to the lives and cultural heritage of Cumbrian people"





The Lake District has been hit hardest by the Hunting Act of 2004, says Johnny Scott, tracing the history of the region’s fell packs – once the first line of defence against predation for farmers




Click here to read the article by Johnny Scott in the latest edition of the Field Magazine





    FOR the LOVE of HUNTING ENGLAND  -- check out the new website    


Barry is to be a regular contributor as one of the 'Hunting Personalities' --- read his first article here  


Jim Barrington's new film: "Foxhunting: cruel sport or natural chase?"

Countryside Alliance Executive Chairman Barney White-Spunner writes: Jim Barrington, our animal welfare consultant, presents a new film on hunting which should be prescribed viewing for those on both side of the argument..


The film, entitled "Foxhunting: cruel sport or natural chase," sees Jim present the case for hunting in a calm, factual manner, beginning by observing that despite the Hunting Act "this is an issue that has not been resolved".


Click here To Read More & View the short film



An Introduction to Fox Hunting is a 16-page document, designed to introduce the younger generation to hunting with hounds - and it is available now. Specifically focused at targeting the secondary school age range, the booklet covers a wide variety of topics including some facts about the fox as a species, a guide to a day’s hunting, some important hunting terms and a word search.

“We get numerous requests for material from young people taking part in school and college debates on hunting and so have tailored this document especially for them,” said Jim Barrington, animal welfare consultant for the Countryside Alliance.

“I attend many debates to talk about hunting and there is a real thirst for information from young people; it is up to us to provide the facts so that informed debate, and a healthy interest in the countryside, can follow.”

The booklet has an informative but fun tone and, with plenty of illustrations, has been designed to stimulate the younger mind.



For copies of the booklet please contact Henrietta Lee at the Countryside Alliance at or visit the Countryside Alliance stand at the Royal Welsh, the Great Yorkshire, The CLA Game Fair (19-21 July), at Ragley Hall, Warwicks or other shows the Countryside Alliance is attending this summer.


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April 15th Supporters Group meeting AGM 7.30pm ----Threlkeld Sports Pavilion
June 10th Supporters Group meeting 7.30pm ----Threlkeld Sports Pavilion
July 4th Terrier Show ---- Threlkeld Sports Pavilion
July 16th Peterborough - Festival of Hunting
July 27th Duck Race : 2pm Mosedale area
August 5th Supporters Group meeting 7.30pm ----Threlkeld Sports Pavilion
August 9th & 10th Lowther Show
August 14th Rydal Show
August 20th Threlkeld Show --Sheepdog Trials & Hound Show
October 1st Supporters Group meeting 7.30pm ----Threlkeld Sports Pavilion
October 11th Race Night : 7.30pm Keswick Golf Club
October 19th Lunch : 12.30 Braithwaite Village Hall
December 3rd Supporters Group meeting 7.30pm ----Threlkeld Sports Pavilion

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